The past decade

🌸 This post has bloomed and is unlikely to change.

I’m usually not one for doing huge retrospectives but I got caught up in a conversation with a friend about what we’ve done this past decade and realized I easily forget what I’ve accomplished. So to much of my own benefit, here’s a short run through of the past 10 years of my life.


I graduated high school at Staffangymnasiet in Söderhamn, where I’ve grown up and lived my entire life up to this point. After a short summer break I got a job as a customer service agent at a telecom company.


Met my first serious girlfriend and moved to my first apartment. I was promoted to work with second-line support (ie the tough stuff).


I was promoted to work with educations before moving to Uppsala where I got a job as a telemarketer selling insurance.


After 6 months of telemarketing my employer realized I was a horrible telemarketer so I got fired. Started working from home with customer service for Apple, before starting studies in Informatics at Uppsala University.


I was one of two project leaders for the student orientation for Informatics students, and later that year I was elected vice president of the Informatics Student Association. Also started a company called Lyxit with a friend where we did some consultancy work but mainly developed apps and games.


Continued my studies. Had a short project employment over the summer building a hybrid app with Cordova.


I graduated University and started my first real developer job at a company called Avanade Sweden. In November me and a couple of university friends decided to start a Swedish podcast, Still in Beta, about being a rookie developer.


Me and my girlfriend broke up. Me and my friend decided it was time to officially kill our company Lyxit after quite some time of inactivity.


During the summer I realized that I wasn’t happy at work and started thinking about moving on so I started looking for new opportunities. Two years and 20 episodes after starting our podcast Still in Beta was shut down.


In February I started my new job at Mpya Digital, which so far feels like it might be the best decision of the decade.


At the end of 2019 I was quite exhausted as a result of doing a bit too much of everything at the same time. But after some time offline from everything over the holidays I’m going into this new year and new decade with such a positive energy, feeling better than I’ve done in years.

I’ll get back to you in 10 years with how it went.


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