Remote-friendly games

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I find that in-person meetings and afterworks benefit the team culture incredibly much. It doesn’t have to be a very long meeting, a late afterwork or many (or few) people, I’ve found that they do so much for team spirit regardless. There’s much more to be said about this but in this new era of pandemic home work I’ve tried to recreate some of this in-person magic by playing games toghether remotely.

So here are some tried and tested games that are fun and also work very well to play in a virtual setting: is an online take on the classic game (eg Pictionary) where one person draws a motif and the rest of the players have to guess what it is.

(Free with ads)

Gartic Phone

A game without a winner, Gartic Phone is the “telephone” game (or “Chinese Whispers” and many others) brought online. Every player alternates between drawing and guessing what the drawings represents which in the end results in a often silly chain of drawings slighty changing meaning. Gartic Phone also comes with other modes such as speedrun, animation, secret and more.

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Small and shameless self promotion of my game It’s a silly drawing game where every round consists of everyone drawing a random motif with the goal of receiving the highest score from a (somewhat shitty) AI. Actually really fun, just ask my team! :)



Kahoot is the go-to service for hosting online quizes. There’s lots of premade quizes, but it’s definitely most fun if you create one yourself. One favorite of mine is asking your team members to send you a photo of their fridge and then let the team guess whos fridge is whos (works great without Kahoot as well!).

(Free with paid options)


Geotastic is a free alternative to Geoguessr, the game where you are dropped somewhere in the world inside the Google Street View and just by looking at the environment around you have to find out where you are. It’s incredibly fun to split the team in two and compete against each other to see who can score the highest.



Maybe not quite as accessible as the others but Krunker is great fun for the gamers in the team. A completely web based first-person shooter which is very easy to get started with.


Among Us

The sleeper hit of 2020. Among Us is a modern take on games like Werewolf or Maffia where one (or several) player is a traitor trying to kill the others. The fact that you can only talk during certain meetings definitely takes this to the next level.

(Free on mobile)

That’s it for now!

Got any more remote friendly games that I’ve missed? Please let me know!


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