🌸 This post has bloomed and is unlikely to change.

Before moving closer to my job I sat on the commute for almost three hours each day. Some of that time I slept, read books and, when motivated enough, programmed. For most of the time though, I listened to podcasts.

In this short post I’ll recommend some of my favorite podcasts related to programming and being a developer.

Coding Blocks

Number of episodes: 69
Episode length: 1-2 hrs
Coding Blocks is the most in depth show about programming on the list. For example the very first episode is about interfaces, and nothing more. It is extremely educational and the hosts way of explaining complex programming subjects paired with their captivating dynamic makes it one of my favorite programming shows.

They’ve also managed to build a community surrounding the podcasts with their own website and a very active Slack, with channels for everything you could ever need.


Number of episodes: 603
Episode length: ~30 min
Scott Hanselman is a household name for many developers, regardless of platform of choice. His talks, blog posts and videos have probably been watched by millions by now.

In Hanselminutes Scott interviews interesting people about interesting topics like culture, education, technology and more. He is always well prepared, an excellent interviewer and every episode is insightful and most often thought-provoking.

Another big plus for me is that the episodes are only around 30 minutes long, which is a nice break from the longer episodes of other shows. I usually listen to this on my morning commute and always feel inspired and more motivated than usual when arriving at work.

.NET Rocks

Number of episodes: 1490
Episode length: ~60 min
Since starting in 2002(!) the .NET Rocks show have published 1490 episodes to date. That’s almost two episodes per week, for 15 years. Yikes.

As the name suggests the shows main focus is on the .NET platform and all that comes with it. The episodes range from very beginnner friendly information to more close-to-the-metal topics, so to speak. But please don’t let that scare you off if you’re not fan of Microsoft or .NET, there are many episodes that isn’t very platform specific.


Number of episodes: 232
Episode length: 30-60 min
Kodsnack is a swedish podcast by three developers where they talk about anything related to being a developer. They’ve had episodes ranging from ergonomics of chairs, mice and the like to talking about how compilers work. It is not as code heavy as some of the ones mentioned above, but it is still probably the one I’ve followed the longest.

Even though they are a podcast in swedish they occasionally do episodes in english as well, so be sure to don’t miss out.

Wrap up

So that’s it! Some of my favorite podcasts about programming. What’s your favorite show? Hit me up on twitter and let me know. I’m always on the look out for new stuff!

_Oh, and if you happen to be from Sweden (or just understand swedish), don't miss my podcast [Still in beta]( about life as a rookie developer ;)_