Be proud

🌸 This post has bloomed and is unlikely to change.

I truly belive that you should be proud of what you accomplish in life. No matter if it’s a small programming project you’ve done in your free time, taking a leap of faith and changing career path or improving the life of millions.

The problem is that it is easier said than done. It is incredibly easy to compare yourself to others. Others who are much more successful than you are, others who have created projects one after another, others who constantly tell the world how proud they are of what they’ve accomplished.

We recently reached 10 000 downloads of our podcast Still in beta which made me look back on the year we’ve been doing this. I realized that I am incredibly proud of the podcast. Not only because people actually listen to it, appreciate it and actually tell us that the like it (Thank you all!), but also because I really enjoy doing it.

This is why I’ve updated the ‘Projects’-page of this site to include a lot of projects that I previously didn’t feel very proud of. They were either “too small”, had too much “ugly code” or some other arbitrary reason that I told myself. But the truth is that I am proud of most of these projects. They may not have the most beautiful code, be the size of Facebook or even be remotely successful but I’ve still managed to complete them.

So no matter if you’ve only just created your first ‘Hello world’ application, be proud of yourself.